Ballistic Weather Vanes
Plain Black Challenger 2 Tank

Plain Black Challenger 2 Tank

125 GBP
This purchase is for the Outline ONLY
The outline is 20 inches (500mm) across the hull and is laser cut from 1.5mm steel.  Variations to the actual steel outline need to be discussed first.

This purchase is for the Outline ONLY You will also need to purchase the following 2 items:

Weathervane Base (Purchased Separately)
Any of my range of Weathervane Bases that are marked 'Standard' will suit this outline.  Please see here 

The Mounting Bracket (Purchased Separately)
You will need to buy a Mounting Bracket to go with this product.  They are listed here:

Shipping & Packing Charges
Shipping for this product is not free and is charged in line with current costs using a courier.
You are of course more than welcome to collect your weathervane by prior arrangement in which case just select that option in shipping at the checkout.

Anti Rust Treatment  & Zinc Plating
All of my work is now Zinc Plated and then Powder Coated by Salop Powder Coating Ltd.  This is standard for all of my work and comes inclusive of the price you pay.  

This ensures that your weathervane is impervious to the weather and that it outlasts all of us.

More information and ordering details on this excellent  treatment can be found here:  

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